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COFADO Technologies is unique among other ICT/Technological Companies.
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  • Professionalism @ its Peak

    Migration with ease, like you NEVER experienced before!!!

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  • Georgia, Russia, Cyprus, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kosovo and others

    Visa with ease, we handle the process while you relax!

    Professionalism counts when it comes to us.

    We are always at your services 24/7.

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  • Cofado Water Technology Solutions-Giving Relevant Suggestion and Guidance

    Modern technology is now a part of our life. It is really impossible to spend a single day without using advanced equipments. Undeniably the progression in technological fields has brought great comfort for the civilization. However some individuals and businesses require assistance in technical fields and companies offer customized technical solutions to their clients. Delivering credible technical solutions is not a game, high degree of expertise is required for the same. Often the engineering solutions are very intricate therefore it is advised that experts should be concerned before applying any technical solutions.

    Scientific advancement has not simply solved the problems but has eradicated them. Now communication, banking, travelling, etc have become so simplified.& ...Read More

  • Cofado Certified Education Consultant - Delivering Services Irrespective of Boundaries

    Technology is now very important in every section of life. Human activities would obviously come to standstill if the assistance of technology is not present. Therefore businesses, companies are focusing more and more on obtaining advanced technology.  Cost effectiveness, accuracy, speed is the major benefits that can be availed by adopting advanced technology.  However specialized help and specific knowledge is required to adjust with sophisticated techniques.  Without high standard knowledge it would be very difficult to cope with rising competition. Now several leading technological companies have taken initiatives to provide excellent solutions.

    Engineering is a very complex field of science and technology; you have to be expert in the concerned field ...Read More

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